Wear a Lolitafashion, take some pictures of you, 1 printed picture.

★Yukata is 3000 yen too.

★kimono is more expensive.
(We are changing the prices so please wait.)

If you want more pictures of you, please pay extra charge.

★You need appointment to wear a Lolitafashion and take some pictures of you at our photo studio.
Now we offer Lolitafashion on Sunday only.
Sometimes Staff and dress aren’t here on another days without your appointment.
We correspond English language in our Email only.

★How to take some pictures of you at our photo studio.

1. We’ll have to ask you to write your address, phone number, name, etc on contract.
And we ask you to show us your passport, indentification papers.
If you won’t disagree with us, I can’t lend you our costume to take a picture.

2. If size fits, we can take some pictures of you.
All dresses are only one size.
Bust size is about 90cm, west size is about 70cm.
Rubber stretches around your bust and west but we have to lose weight to wear it.
You can try it at our studio. Or please wear it at the Lolitafashion shop in Tokyo.
(My size is M size in Japan.)
We don’t have cosmetic and cosmetologist for your Lolitafashion.
Please make up your face yourself.

3. Please change clothes after we finished to take some pictures of you.

4. If you’ll stay in Japan longer, please come back to our photo studio to receive your photos.
Or if you’ll go to another far places or return to your country, we will send your photos to your country.

★Frequently asked questions

♡Where is the nearest station?
Answer: Kitanarashino station
Tozai line direct Toyo kousoku line for Toyo Katsutadai.
Or , Shin Keisei Line.
It take about 15mins on foot. You need internet map before you’ll come to our shop.

You can catch a taxi at Kitanarashino station.
Please tell taxi driver about an address of our photo studio.

♡Can I wear a Lolitafashion to go somewhere?
Answer: No you can’t.

♡Can you take some pictures of me and my friends together when we’re wearing your Lolitafashions?
Answer: No you can’t. We don’t gather many costumes to take some pictures of many people.
If you want, please buy clothes by yourself before you’ll come to our studio.
If you prepared your all dresses, we can take pictures of you.

♡about ages.
Answer: I think if you are over Junior high school students, you can wear it.
Model is 165cm height. Small children can’t wear Lolitafashion. We are sorry.

♡Can I wear a Lolitafashion?
Answer: “It’s very expensive so I can’t buy it” “maybe I don’t look good with Lolitafashion”
“I wanted to wear it at least only one time” .......
we want to offer Lolitafashion such a forever lady like you!

♡about cancel?
Answer: if you’ll have to cancel unavoidably, please send us an email before appointment time.
Cancel fee doesn’t occur but we prepare them for you so we don’t want to waste the time.
Please understand us.
And if you canceled so many times, we will refuse to take a picture at our studio.

♡about socks and shoes?
We can’t lend you our socks and shoes.
We have only 23.5cm shoes. So please bring your own lovely shoes and socks.

♡about famous characters of costumes?
We can’t take a picture of you with famous characters and cosplay because we don’t want to infringe of copyright.
Especially Disney is impossible. Of course another famous characters are impossible easier.

♡can you take some pictures of us and my pets together?
Please wear your own clothes.
I can’t lend you to take some pictures of you with your pets together.
But we can take some pictures of you and your pets together. Only your pet is fine too.
But dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals only.
We refuse reptiles and bugs. Sorry!

♡Can you retake my pictures?
Yes! Sure! We can retake pictures of you.
You can see your pictures on laptop after we took some pictures of you in our studio soon!
So don’t worry.
If you like stuffed animals, you can bring it except for famous characters like Anime, Disney, movies etc.
Teddy bear , just animals are fine for us.

♡ about release your pictures on internet for advertising?
If you want to ask us about release your photos on internet which we’ve taken them at our photo studio, please tell me.
We are really looking for someone to give us a permission to release your photos on internet for our shop’s advertising!
We would like to release on Twitter, official website, or this blog.
But we are sometimes late to release your pictures on internet because we’re busy. We’re sorry about it.
But we’re always think about you!

♡about Lolitafashion shops?
We asked a permission to take some pictures of guests with Lolitafashion.
We asked Baby the stars shine bright (Alice and the Pirates) , Angelic Pretty in Lafore Harajuku shop already.
We love Lolitafashion.
We don’t have gothic Lolitafashion so if you want to wear gothic Lolitafashion, please buy it at the shop.

♡I would like to use internet in your town?!
Yes you can. There are some Internet cafes at near Tsudanuma station.
You need passport or identification to use internet.
And many restaurants and cafes at Kitanarashino station so you don’t have to worry about foods.
If you are vegetarian or Vegan, I’ll recommend you to go to some supermarkets.
I can show you a map.

♡ Business hours of your photo studio?
Open-10am to 19pm. From Wednesday to Monday.
10am to 17pm on Sunday and holiday.
Close-19pm to 10am. On Tuesday.

Please try to send us an email first! Because we have language problems.
But sometimes we don’t notice your email. We are so sorry about it.
Please try to ask this mail address too.
A manager’s email address and my address is here.
Only English and Japanese ok!

Thank you for your understanding.
Really we are very looking forward to see you at our photo studio!
We are waiting for you hearty!
Take care! Have a wonderful day!